Wildlife Tours & Jaguar Safaris

Brazil Nature Tour offers a wide range of eco-tourism and wildlife tours throughout Brazil. All of them can be customized according to your wishes.

Most Popular Destinations

  • Pantanal

    The Pantanal has the greatest concentration of wildlife in the Americas.

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  • Amazon

    The Amazon harbors the largest remaining tropical forest on our planet, home to nearly one-third of the planet's plants and animals.

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  • Foz do Iguassu

    Iguassu Falls is a truly spectacular sight, one of South America's truly iconic places.

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Most Popular Nature Tours

  • Cristalino Jungle Lodge Eco-tourism

    Designed for nature lovers seeking a memorable experience in the Amazon. Participants will learn about the wildlife in general, mammals, trees, butterflies, reptiles and flowers — and its importance to the equilibrium of nature.

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  • South Pantanal & Bonito

    Explore the best of the Southern Pantanal and Bonito in Mato Grosso do Sul, home to a diverse range of wildlife and natural wonders with caves and crystal clear rivers.

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  • Jaguar Safari Tour

    The Jaguar Safari tour is the guaranteed and affordable way to observe Jaguars and Giant Otters in the wild heart of the fabulous Pantanal

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  • North & South Pantanal ultimate wildlife experience

    This unique 10 days program will offer you the best wildlife viewing available in the whole Pantanal area. Combine the observation of the elusive jaguar in the North Pantanal with an unforgettable mammal and bird experience in the South Pantanal.

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  • Jaguar Extreme Tour

    Departure from Cuiabá to Pantanal. On the first night you will sleep at the South Wild Pantanal lodge. On the next day early morning the boat departs to Porto Jofre, where you will spend the remaining nights on the South Wild Flotel or Suites

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  • Pousada Aguape Tours

    The Aguape Pousada is surrounded by the lush riverside forests of the Aquidauana River, allowing guests to experience up-close the natural beauty of the Pantanal region. Come and explore this stunning area and its abundant wildlife.

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