Brazil Nature Tours has the answers to most of your questions about travel to Brazil. Let us help you with all elements of your trip to Brazil! Everything you need is online, and just a click away.

1. What are the steps to book a tour with you? Can I book my trip through the Internet?

The first step is to find the right tour for you. Once you decide which tour, there are two possibilities:

1) choose a present package in a group tour with fixed departure dates
2) arrange your travel as a FIT (independent of any group).

The advantages of a group tour are that costs are low (see our great tour prices!), you will be escorted by a tour guide at all times and certain meals and entrance fees to attractions are included in the package. When you decide to book a tour individually (FIT) the price structure depends in a variety of factors such as date, type of transportation, hotels, transfers and tours etc. Either way you decide, you can book your tour on-line. All you need to do is to fill out BNT´s booking form and send it to us electronically. However, for your security, to confirm your reservation and to process your payment, one of our travel specialists will contact you upon receiving the form.

2. Can I change my travel dates? How far in advance may I do this? Are there any penalties?

Yes, unless otherwise specified for a specific trip or fare (such as set group departures), changes may be made without penalty 31 days or more prior to departure, depending availability. Within 30 days, changes are subject to a US$50 per person fee. Within 14 days, they are subject to a US$100 per person fee. Changes or cancellations made within this time period may also be subject to fees resulting from changes in hotel reservations.

3. I would like to cancel my trip. How can I get a refund?

Unless otherwise specified for a specific trip or fare, you may cancel your trip and receive a refund. As we have to make non-refundable deposits with hotels and service providers to reserve space, we are obligated to charge cancellation fees for cancellations closer to the departure date. The schedule for cancellation penalties is as follows, subject to change:

Domestic flights:
20% refund

Up to 60 days before departure – US$ 100,00 p/p
60 - 30 days before departure - 25 % penalty
30 - 15 days before departure - 50 % penalty
15 days to departure date - 100% penalty (non-refundable)

If you foresee the chance of having to cancel your trip, we recommend that you purchase trip cancellation insurance. If purchasing an extension, make sure that the insurance covers the dates of the extension.

4. Are the plane tickets included in the packages?

Unless otherwise specified for a specific trip or fare, airfare is not included in the tour price. Domestic flights (i.e. Rio de Janeiro to Iguazu Falls) are included unless otherwise specified. A Brazil Airpass needs to be purchased in your country of residence, which allow several flights to multiple destinations within Brazil.

5. Can I extend my tour?

Yes, you may! Check with our travel professionals for advice and options. Our tours may be fully customized, subject to logistics and availability. Two things should be taken into consideration before we set up your extension.

1. Flight availability
2. Hotel availability
As a rule, if you plan your extension ahead of time, you can easily find flights and hotels available at a standard price. The extra hotel days are simply added into your package price, as well as any required transfers (if necessary). Don´t wait until the last minute -- last-minute bookings cost considerably more.

6. I don´t like to travel by bus. Can I arrange a tour by plane?

Yes, you can. Just make sure to specify your preferences in BNT´s booking form before sending. Our specialist will give you a quote for any kind of request you may need. Just keep in mind that If you decide to book an individual package, it will be more expensive than the set group departure. Please contact us regarding Brazil Airpasses, which enable multiple or unlimited flights within the country within a certain time frame.

7. Are the attractions included in the tours?

All BNT's tours are designed to share the most exciting and rewarding attractions in Brazil with you. Many attractions, activities and entrance fees are included in the tours, and these are specified in the description of each tour package. Others are completely optional and have be paid for in advance or on-site. Our representatives will do their best to make available the widest array of tour options while you are in Brazil. Note: we cannot make refunds for any included features of the itineraries not used by participants during tour operation.

8. Do I need any special kind of vaccination to travel to the Amazon jungle?

Immunization vaccinations are not required. If you intend to visit the the Amazon or Pantanal areas, a vaccination for yellow fever is strongly recommended. The shots last for ten years but only take effect 10 days after inoculation, so plan ahead. Malaria is spread by mosquito bites; when travelling in the Amazon regions, one should take proper precautions by bringing mosquito repellent containing DEET and by wearing long pants and long-sleeve shirts, especially after sunset. You may wish to take antimalarial tablets; consult the neares Travel Clinic for suitable tablets and the proper dosage. It is not recommended to drink tap water in South America.
If you have special medical conditions or take perscription drugs, it is strongly advised to bring copies of medical documentation with you in case of emergency.

9. I lost my vouchers. What should I do?

You should contact our office immediately, by e-mail at [email protected] or call us at +55 67 30424659.

10. I can´t find the answer for my question in your FAQ page or anywhere else. Should I call you?

BNT is improving the item FAQ constantly and with your help, we´d like to build a complete information center for questions and answers. We appreciate your input, so if you can´t find the answer for your question in this page, please fill out our questionnaire form. We appreciate your help and promise to respond to your question in a timely manner.

11. How well-trained are your tour guides? What language(s) do they speak?

Our qualified tour guides, licensed by Embratur, are carefully chosen by the company owners. We test their communication skills, character, knowledge of history and geography as well as their psychological conditioning, which is vital in managing tour groups and especially adventure tours. As a minimum requirement, all of our tour guides are required to speak Portuguese, English and Spanish fluently.

12. What should a hotel do to be part of BNT´s network of hotel and accommodations providers?

The first step is to contact our operations department to establish a relationship. The second step is to send a detailed hotel description including location, amenities, classification, renovations, images etc... The third step is a visit by one of our representatives for us to physically inspect the hotel so we may recommend it to our customers.

13. Can I get a job at Brazil Nature Tours?

At this moment, BNT does not have any full-time positions available. However, we accept resumes/CV's for reservation operators, marketing and sales personnel, tour guides and receptionists.

14. Are you a travel agency or a tour operator?

BNT is a tour operator that specializes in ecotours and travel packages within Brazil with high quality service and competitive prices. Our strenght is selling volume tour packages to major travel agencies. However, with new technology such as Internet-based booking we´re also offering individual travel packages on-line.

15. I´m a professional photographer and would I would like to promote my pictures in your site. How can I do it?

BNT is looking for new pictures to enhance this website. We love to promote all artists such as photographers, painters and musicians who can help us to show Brazil´s treasures and diverse environments. Our main mission at BNT is to show the whole world the Brazilian natural beauty, eccentricities, customs and cultures.

16. What are the Visa requirements for Brazil?

Brazil requires a visa to some citizenships. Please confirm with your local Brazilian consulate to determine if you will require a visa or not to enter the country. 
United States, Canadian, Australian & Japanese citizens can now apply for a Brazil e-visa. The process is entirely online, and you can apply from the comfort of your own home at all hours. No more trips to the embassy and lost time. More info: http://www.vfsglobal.com/brazil-evisa/